F2014 / F2013
Re-Store: OsloMaster studio. AHO. 
Andrea Pinochet, Bryony Roberts, Laura Sæther

Re- inventing the Government District The AHO studio produced extensive research on the history and context of the site before developing radical proposals that synthesize historic preservation and design innovation. Using the conceptual framework of Experimental Preservation, the studio considers how Erling Viksjø’s Høyblokka and Y-blokka can be preserved through strategic transformations, seeking a productive third way between demolition and static conservation.
Since its very inception, the government quarters have stood as a symbol of freedom and the social democratic values of the Nation. Today, as a symbol of Norwegian tragedy, they seek to reclaim their right to be a part of the city. The studio interrogates more deeply how Viksjø’s architecture can activate and enable democratic public space.

Study trip: New York
Studio Guests: Jorge Otero-Pailos, Craig Konyck, Espen Viksjø, Thordis Ahrrenius, Markus Rikter, Mattias Ekman, Martin Braathen, Vilhelm Christensen, Marta Boro, José María Sanchez García, Emilio Tuñon

Three Critical Projects
Master studio. AHO.
Beate Hølmebakk, Andrea Pinochet

During the course, the students developed three different projects. The studio was oriented towards the professional practice, focusing on production and clarity of expression in relation to a given task within a tight schedule. The studio focused on method and questions of disciplinary relevance.
The three projects were based on three of the learning objectives of the AHO qualifications framework, which describes what a student should know after graduation. Each project started with
a brief formulated by us, however it was expected that the students individually decide the outcome of their project according to how they chose to interpret the brief. Each project could result in
a building, a possibility study, an analysis, an essay, an installation or a film. In addition to the project itself, the students had to develop their programmatic interpretation and choice of method for each project.
Study trip: New York
Studio Guests: Kersten Geers (KGDVS), Bas Smets (Bureau Bas Smets), Luís Callejas (LCLA), Belinda Tato (Ecosistema Urbano)
Andrea Pinochet
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