Concrete Oslo

Concrete Oslo is a guide to concrete architecture built during the 1950-70s in Oslo. The guide gives the reader an opportunity to explore the city through thematic tours with drawings, photographs and documentation from various the archives. Accompanying the tours are a number of theoretical essays that reflect upon a modern building tradition, concrete technology, and the restoration and re-use of post-war architecture across the globe. 

Editors: Andrea Pinochet, Erik Langdalen, Léa-Catherine Szacka   Contributors: Adrian Forty, Arne B. Langleit, Eva Branscome, Even Smith Wergeland, Ingrid Dobloug Roede,Janna Bystryk, Oliver Elser
Designer: João Doria

Publisher: Torpedo Press

New York, USA
The Glacier Folio Project

Part of the Visualizing Climate Change Fellowship, the Glacier Folio Project examined at a wide variety of representational techniques used for recording ice field conditions, and set out to develop a clear, uniform carthographic language that turns the abstract scale and varying data sets into an accessible and visually compelling tool for communicating glacier ice loss. Recognizing that the dramatic loss of glacial land-ice is rapidly increasing and that this loss greatly affects environmental and social ecosystems, the project tries to invent a way to represent scientific research and communicate to a larger audience the impact and overwhelming magnitude of the changes that are now occurring to some of the iconic glaciers of our planet.

Team: Research project for the Cooper Union Institute of Sustainable Design. New York, 2015.
Exhibited: 11/2015 The Cooper Union, New York.

Rasjonelle Tegninger

Drawing project an exhibition designed and curated with Portuguese artist Guiomar Oliveira. Drawings and models produced were exposed first in our office, +groma, in Oslo, and later at Bureau A, in Lisboa. The drawings respond to some of the work produced for the National Tourist Route Project, Sirkel and Bureau A’s CEVA project in Switzerland.

Team: Guiomar Oliveira, Bureau A, Laura Sæther, Lina Broström.
Exhibited: 11/2015 Oslo, 12/2015 Lisboa.

Environmental Impact of Mortars with Mixed Recycled Aggregate

This study examined the manufacturing processes of recycled aggregates in general, as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of fine fraction of mixed recycled aggregates and their influence in the structure of mortars.

The study was executed through an experimental campaign that encompassed the characterization of the aggregate in question and the evaluation of the properties it grants to the mortar in its fresh and hardened state (during and after application). The results were compared with those of mortars made with a conventional aggregate of natural origins.

Author: Andrea Pinochet
Advisor: Marilda Barra, UPC.

Andrea Pinochet
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