Oslo, Norway
Magdalena Abakanowicz
This winter, Abakanowicz's pioneering textile sculptures are on display at the Henie Onstad Art Center. The abakans hang from the ceiling, inviting the audience to move through and close to a fibrous sculptural landscape. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience the Polish artist's extraordinary work.

27. October 2023 – 25. February 2024

Team: Curated by Caroline Ugelstad (HOK), Ann Coxon (Tate Modern) and Mary Jane Jacob. Designed by +groma (Andrea Pinochet, Ingrid Dale).

Oslo, Norway

Small extension to a tomansbolig house in Tåsen, Oslo. The extension ocupies the Northwest corner of the site. 

Team: Studio Vatn (Espen Vatn), +groma (Andrea Pinochet and Trym Landeggen)

Oslo, Norway
Per Barclay - Soft Sweet Vortex

The Norwegian artist Per Barclay is presented in a solo exhibition with new and existing works from his 40-year artistic career.

Soft Sweet Vortex seeks to highlight Barclay's interest in the contrast between air and liquid, which creates tension and a deep sense of unease in his works. The exhibition examines the artist's use of solid materials, such as steel and oil, and how his choice of extravagant locations, and recurring formats and motifs, reflect on the interdependence and intertwining of industry and capitalism.

18. August 2023 – 14. January 2024

Team: Curated by Ana María Bresciani. Designed by +groma (Andrea Pinochet, Ole Andreas Iversen).

Oslo, Norway
New Visions

The second edition of The Henie Onstad Triennial for Photography and New Media. The exhibition presents works that push the boundaries of photography and automated image-making, to examine acutely relevant issues such as resource extraction, energy distribution and data harvesting.

14. April 2023 – 17. September 2023

Team: Curated by Susanne Østby Sæther, Reem Shadid and Inga Lãce. Designed by +groma (Andrea Pinochet, Julie Elise Bølstad).

Oslo, Norway
Chagall - World in Turmoil

The exhibition sheds light on a highly topical, but little known side to Marc Chagall – his works from the 1930s and ‘40s, when his colourful palette took on a darker hue.

17. March 2023 – 16. June 2023

Team: Curated by Caroline Ugelstad and designed by +groma (Andrea Pinochet, Ingrid Dale, Julie Elise Bølstad).

Andrea Pinochet
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