Fall 2012
Asyl Venezia
Master studio. AHO.
Beate Hølmebakk, Andrea Pinochet

Students are expected to design a building to give asylum and protection to displaced children. The project was to be organized around the idea of displacement and migration, interrogating how an space of temporary habitation can empower an individual in his/her journey, becoming even a vehicle for change. In addition to the architectural considerations of site, tectonics and function, the studio dealt with the literary dimension of the program and the city through a parallel study of selected texts and films.
Throughout the course of the semester students participated in weekly seminars with other practicing architects, representatives from Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and Peace Research Institute Oslo.
Study trip: Venice
Studio Guests: Norwegian Refugee Council, Reiulf Ramstad, Thomas McQuillen, Neven Fuchs-Mikac, Fabio Gigone, Knut Kjeltnes

Andrea Pinochet
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