Oslo, Norway
Atlanterhavet - Myter, kunst, vitenskap
The Atlantic Ocean is a large-scale celebration of the northern sea that has shaped Norway and made the country an international actor, but also critically examines human practices on and in the sea. The exhibition includes around 140 works and objects ranging from original maps from the 15th century to contemporary works. By examining themes such as mapping and extraction, work and leisure at sea, ecology, and migration, the exhibition conveys the importance of the sea for humans across time and space.

The exhibition is part of a series of interdisciplinary exhibitions in which Henie Onstad delves into current societal issues across culture and nature.

26. April 2024 – 15. September 2024

Team: Curated by Susanne Østby Sæther, Stefanie Hessler and Knut Ljøgodt. Designed by +groma (Andrea Pinochet, Ingrid Dale).

Andrea Pinochet
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