Fall 2019
Field Stations II:
Natural Taxonomies

Year 4 Studio. Hong Kong University.
Andrea Pinochet

Fourth year design studio working with small educational structures in ancient villages and ecosystems in Hong Kong.

An observatory of sorts, a field station is by definition a post, camp or place intermittently occupied to accommodate activity. Often located in an outlying area or an area where research or a venture is under way.

excursion: Oslo
studio guests: Wang Weijing, Juan Du, Mariana Picolo, Lina Broström, Vera Wyller, Juan Ruiz Anton, Laura Sæther,  Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen, Roberto Requejo, Thomas Tsang, Gesa Schanwantes

Chungking Express 

Master Studio. Oslo School of Architecture.Andrea Pinochet, Lina Broström, Martin Brandsdal

Using the framework of critical restoration, the studio examined different forms of organized tourism and the impact it has on our built environment.
What role does the tourist have in the maintenance (or destruction) of our built environment? How should architecture mediate between the growing visitor numbers and our  icons? While international travel continues to increase, mass tourism has established itself as one of the most lucrative industries, capable of sustaining entire national economies.
Following an analytical phase, participants worked individually on a semester long-design project resulting in specific proposals for the restoration and revitalization of  diapearing ancient FungShui villages in Hong Kong.
excursion: Hong Kong
studio guests: Vera Wyller, Jack Self, Juan Ruiz Anton, Marco Casagrande, Laura Sæther, Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen, Roberto Requejo, Thomas Tsang, Gesa Schanwantes

Andrea Pinochet
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