Fall 2017
Civic MiniaturesMaster Studio. AHO.
Espen Vatn, Jørgen Tandberg, Andrea Pinochet

What is the smallest possible form in which a public ambition in architecture can be manifested?

The studio will focus on small-scale buildings serving public functions. As an alternative to pharaonic scale public prestige projects, we will investigate how small public buildings can be instrumental in developing a direct engagement with a community.

The studio will work on recognizing and developing fundamenta civic qualities in architecture, and investigating how these can be serialized and translated into a specific condition in Sao Paulo, connecting to existing public building programs in Brazil.

The studio will revisit questions of typology and generality in relation
to site, investigating ways in which small (200-400m2), self-contained systematized structures can support
a specific social structure. We will investigate the possibilities for architecture to, in its implementation, be specific to its site condition, and still provide general answers relating
to type and the possibility for serial production.
excursion: São Paulo
studio guests: Angelo Bucci, David Turnbull, Adam Frampton, Jimenez Lai, Karolina Czeczeck, Beate Hølmebakk, Alexandre Dlijaicov, Alvaro Puntoni, João Sodré

Universals: Architecure of the Post-Nation StateYear 2 Studio. Monash University.
Andrea Pinochet, Espen Vatn

International organizations are intrinsically linked to the birth of modernity. They were founded at the same time as the industrial revolution, modern technology, global capital and the dawn of rapid information flow. Regardless of this 200-year ongoing process of infiltrating boundaries and uniting poles, the wish for the definition of nation states seems to persist, even gain momentum, with cases like Brexit and the looming possibility of Grexit, Scottish Independence and other independence movements in Europe. Parallel to this, new migration patterns across the globe begin to raise questions about the mechanisms citizenship, resulting in ever more subdivisions, discriminatory processes and alienated communities.

This studio will address questions ideological potential of structure, seriality and adaptation by developing spatial and architectural responses to international organizations that work on policies, transnational protocols, procedural systems and standards, as examples of new forms of organizations that go beyond the notion of nation state.

Studio Guests: Ari Seligmann, Jacqui Alexander, Tom Morgan, Leandro Capetto, Eduardo Kairuz

Andrea Pinochet
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