Summer 2016 / Fall 2015

Re-Store: ConcreteMaster Studio. AHO. 
Erik Langdalen, Andrea Pinochet, Lea-Cathrine Szacka

This studio is all about concrete: it’s history, it’s cultural meaning, it’s structural and technological properties and potential as architectural space. The assignment is to investigate a number of concrete buildings in Oslo from the 1950s- 1970s using the conceptual framework of experimental preservation exploring reuse, transformation and addition of the buildings. Between 70-80% of all buildings in Norway are built after WWII and about 80% of the buildings standing today will still be standing in 2050. There is an urgent demand for knowledge on how to handle the overwhelming number of existing structures. We need to know how to evaluate their technological properties, their cultural value and spatial potential, and develop strategies for their future existence. The raising Norwegian welfare state produced a huge amount of buildings: social housing projects, communal and governmental institutions, commercial buildings and infrastructure. The period allowed for experimentation and technological innovation, and the Norwegian concrete building industry was at the forefront. We find a number of interesting innovation-driven concrete structures in Oslo, and the studio want to cast light on them, learn from them and apply this knowledge to the contemporary architectural practice.

Study trip: London and Paris
Studio Guests: Adrian Forty, Janna Brystryck (OMA), Justin De Sylas (Avanti Architects) Peter Zumthor, Jorge Otero-Pailos (Columbia University), François Charbonnet (Made in Sarl), Erlend Skjeseth

Norwegian Architecture
Master seminar. AHO.
Andrea Pinochet

Introductory course to Norwegian architecture, its history and the contemporary sphere.
The course is primarily based on seminars and field trips, involving walking tours, proactive research and work with different media (drawing, Internet, sound, photography, video, etc).
In the course we will study the evolution of the architectural thought and practice within the Norwegian context. Through readings, class discussions and critical writing, this seminar will address the meaning of national identity, and explore a few of the ideas that dominated the means of architectural production through history in Norway.

Parallel to this, great attention will be given to the act of looking back in time and examining a work, working with archives and platform.

Study trips: National Museum Archive and installation w/ Manthey Kula, Mortensrud Kirke, Snøhetta Office, St Hallvard Kirke, Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter, Karin Andresen House w/ Knut Hjeltnes, Bakkehaugen Kirke, American Embassy, Skådalen, Villa Stenersen, Nordic Office, NVE-bygg, Chateu Neuf, Folketsmuseum w/ Kolbjørn Nesje Nybø, Egge Hus, Halsum Krematorium, Asker Krematorium, Bøller Samfunnhus, Oslo City Hall
Guests: Mari Hvattum, Mari Lending, Karl Otto Ellefsen, Elisabeth Tostrup, Lina Broström, Erik Langdalen, Halvor Ellefsen, Markus Rikter

Andrea Pinochet
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