Fall 2016
Re-Store: SystemsMaster Studio. AHO. 
Erik Langdalen, Andrea Pinochet, Jørgen Tandberg

Experimental preservation studio focusing on the study of building systems.
At large, architecture after 1945 has been advanced through the integration of systems: ventilation ducts, curtain walls, elevators, suspended ceilings, technical floors, waste-shafts, heating, plumbing, insulation, moveable walls, alarm and surveillance systems etc. These systems respond to our most fundamental needs: they help us breath, keep us warm, give us light, keep us safe, get rid of our waste, etc. They are more or less invisible, they are mass-produced, they belong to the global market of merchandise and shipping, and they are hardly ever considered to belong to the realm of Architecture. Paradoxically; if you take away these systems, it is difficult to inhabit this spaces comfortably considering contemporary building codes and living standards.

Study trip: New York
Studio Guests: Jorge Otero-Pailos, Andre Jaque, Amandine Kastler 

Norwegian Architecture
Master seminar. AHO.
Andrea Pinochet

Introductory course to Norwegian architecture, its history and the contemporary sphere.
The course is primarily based on seminars and field trips, involving walking tours, proactive research and work with different media (drawing, Internet, sound, photography, video, etc).
In the course we will study the evolution of the architectural thought and practice within the Norwegian context. Through readings, class discussions and critical writing, this seminar will address the meaning of national identity, and explore a few of the ideas that dominated the means of architectural production through history in Norway.

Parallel to this, great attention will be given to the act of looking back in time and examining a work, working with archives and roomofpossibilities.org platform
Study trips: National Museum Archive, St Hallvard Kirke, Jarmund Vigsnæs Arkitekter, House in Holmekollen w/ Knut Hjeltnes, Bakkehaugen Kirke, Lund Slaatto Arkitekter, Skådalen, Chateu Neuf, Folketsmuseum w/ Kolbjørn Nesje Nybø, NVE-Bygg, Henie Onstad Kustsenter, Haslum Krematorium, Hamar Museum, Sørum Gård w/ Manthey Kula, Oslo City Hall
Guests: Mari Hvattum, Karl Otto Ellefsen, Paola Simone and Juan Ruíz Anton, Amandine Kastler and Erlend Skjeseth, Mirza Mujezinovic, Erik Langdalen, Jonas Lippestad

Andrea Pinochet
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