Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Chamni Square

In March 2001 the Taliban destroyed the ancient statues of Buddha carved into the cliffs above the Bamiyan Valley. The project is an endeavor funded by the UNESCO intended to protect and exhibit what remains of the Buddhas as well as provide research and educational facilities for the region. 

Inspired in the tradition of Afgahni rug making and Persian gardens, our proposal inscribes the ground of the new cultural center with a square.

Located on the higher part of the site and pointing at the Buddha cliffs, the 92x92m figure is expressed as boundary wall of 1.2m of height: tall enough to be constantly visible, defining the edge of the garden, but short enough so as not to obstruct views or appear as a fortress. The 6200m2 garden, with trees and plant life collected from the immediate area, and it is be a place for quiet contemplation or small social gatherings. Inside, the Cultural Center can host a gallery, offices, conservation workshops, classrooms, library, cafeteria, auditorium and a visitor center.
Team: Espen Vatn, Jørgen Tandberg, Andrea Pinochet.

Andrea Pinochet
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