Oslo, Norway
Månen [The Moon]

Celebrating man's first steps on the Moon 50 year ago, The Moon—From Inner Worlds to Outer Space highlights the role of the Moon in art and science and culture to this day. The exhibition presents approximately 200 works and objects—from Galileo's 17th century sketches to space objects, moon rocks and contemporary art installations.

15. February–19. May 2019

Team: Originally created by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the exhibition is curated by Susanne Østby and designed by Andrea Pinochet in consutation with Espen Vatn for Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. 

Oslo, Norway
Turn and Face the Strange

50 years of living art 
A comprehensive and playful presentation of the Henie Onstad collection marks the 50-year jubilee.
The exhibition showcases works of Picasso, Miró, Ernst, Dubuffet and Matisse, as well as avant-guard works from the Cobra, Fluxus and Schwitters collections.

23 Aug 2018 – 24 Aug 2019

Team: The exhibition is curated by Caroline Ugelstad and designed by Andrea Pinochet in consutation with Espen Vatn. 

Oslo, Norway
Boyle Family

Boyle Family —Nothing Is More Radical Than The Facts
Exhibition design for Henie Onstad Kunstsenter showcasing works by Mark Boyle, Joan Hills, Sebastian Boyle, Georgia Boyle & Soft Machine, with a room room dedicated to the Boyle’s unique psychedelic light show for the legendary Soft Machine concert at the art center in 1971.

Høvikodden became a key place of work for the Boyle Family, and in the mid 1980´s, "The Boyle Family Archive" was established at Henie Onstad.

20 Apr – 2 Sep 2018

Team: The exhibition is curated by Lars Mørch Finborud in consutation with +groma. 

Oslo, Norway
Marina Abramović — The Cleaner

Exhibition at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter presents Marina Abramović's retrospective The Cleaner, the most extensive presentation of Abramović's works in Norway to date.

In line with Henie Onstad Kunstsenter's history, the exhibition at Høvikodden presents several of Abramović's performances. The exhibition will consists of more than 120 works produced over five decades and is a unique opportunity to connect with Abramović's full-length artwork.

24 Nov 2017 – 11 Mar 2018

Team: The exhibition is curated by Tone Hansen and Lars Mørch Finborud in consutation with +groma, and organized by Moderna Museet, Stockholm, in collaboration with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, and Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn. 

Sjonefjell, Norway
278m above sea level, this tourist stop is known for its rock formations at the edge of a steep sea cliff and an extraordinary the view of neighboring islands. A concrete ramp cantilevering over the edge of the site reorganizes the existing parking and look out point to provide safe universal access to the edge of the cliff. A simple rational volume shelters from rain, snow and strong winds, providing toilet facilities, bicycle storage to the traveller.

Team: Lina Broström, Laura Sæther and Andrea Pinochet.

Andrea Pinochet
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